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CED is a European specialist in claims management within the insurance industry. It handles approximately one million claims – worth more than €2.5 billion – and approached CLEVR to help it become more efficient through automation. In particular, it wanted a comprehensive system that could handle everything from initial damage report to payout with minimal manual input.



CED had already developed an input wizard based on the low-code platform Mendix. However, this solution only covered claim-entry. Handling a claim still involved a lot of paper, manual processes and duplicated work. Collaborating with low-code and no-code specialist CLEVR, CED redesigned and re-engineered the input wizard. It also undertook a critical review of its internal processes to see how the input wizard could best be extended to include settlement.



Entering a claim is now an intuitive process, making it far more user-friendly. In addition, CLEVR extended the input wizard to create an Automatic Damage Settlement Platform (ADSP), which can handle all the process flows related to a claim. In terms of efficiency, the new system takes 50 per cent less time to cover the entire claim handling process.

In addition to making the claims process more efficient, working with CLEVR has also made CED’s IT department more efficient and effective. It now develops in short sprints and continuously coordinates with the rest of the business. Learning from CLEVR’s Agile development method, the IT department can quickly build solutions to better meet the full business needs. For example, work is now being done on connecting multi-tenancy insurers and policyholders to the platform. The ADSP platform has also been used by a CED customer. This made CED a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for claim management, opening up a new revenue stream with IT at its heart.


“IT is not only a cost item for CED, but a way to provide specific services and even generate direct sales. IT is increasingly the beating heart of CED”

Jan Rubingh, IT director, CED


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