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Compass Group in the Netherlands has around 5,000 employees operating across food and drink, support services and specialist cleaning. Part of the global Compass Group PLC, it operates under the brands Eurest, Eurest Services, Xandrion, and Famous Flavours. Eurest provides dining services for various industries while Eurest Services provides complete and integrated facility management. Xandrion is Compass Group’s purchasing organisation and the purchasing and knowledge network for the leisure industry, while Famous Flavours offers catering at high-profile locations. Together, they help nearly 1,700 organisations in business, care and welfare, education, government, hospitality and the leisure sectors across the Netherlands.

Quality service provision is paramount and best achieved when complexity is reduced or eliminated. This is never more so when a company is growing in terms of customers, employees and locations. Compass turned to CLEVR to help automate processes for new customers and when it opens new branches as well as to make the central supporting back office more efficient.



Working with CLEVR, Compass Group initially looked to streamline and accelerate new customers’ on-boarding. The process includes a huge number of tasks in different areas from designing and setting up a new kitchen and acquiring equipment to setting up the IT infrastructure including computers, printers and point-of-sale systems. On-going orders for food and other supplies also have to be created. Together, they used the application development platform Mendix to create a new, efficient onboarding application.



Compass Group today doesn’t just benefit from an automated on-boarding process but also a system that provides a vital checklist showing the clear status of all tasks. Staff have graded access according to their authority to view and edit tasks and missing information is flagged by sending alerts to the relevant staff. It also generates standard e-mails, saving time and reducing repetitive work. For example, with every new customer or location, suppliers must be notified. Thanks to the automatically generated e-mails, this can be done with one push of a button. The start-up process for new customers is now much more efficient.

The effect is fewer errors and faster on-boarding. CLEVR went on to help Compass streamline its time tracking processes, helping relieve location managers of what had been a complicated, time-consuming task.



"During the collaboration with CLEVR we have taken up many optimisations, and one becomes the breeding ground for another”

Tim Hagenbeek, IT manager, Compass Group


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