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Telecoms specialist Eurofiber’s fibre-optic network provides fast, secure and cost-effective data exchange. However, in recent years the telecoms sector has become a highly competitive volume market. Deal sizes are decreasing while the cost and complexity of sales support rises. Sales innovation is a key way to survive these trends.

Eurofiber wanted a user-friendly portal that mirrored in look and feel its own website and that would support automated sales processes to make the company more efficient and therefore profitable. This included being able to quickly assess the distance between a customer’s location and Eurofiber’s fibre-optic network without resorting to phone or email. The goal was to achieve 80 per cent of its sales online.



Eurofiber’s central business software is Exact Synergy/Globe, a system that organises inbound administration requests and project processes including budgeting and ‘connection digging’, as well as accounting processes. CLEVR, a low-code and no-code specialist, developed a portal which featured real-time integration with Exact and Cocon mapping software, as well as the look and feel of the Eurofiber website, using the low-code Mendix platform.

The project consisted of three development phases. In phase one, the CLEVR team analysed potential solutions and developed applications using an Agile approach. During phase two, it collaborated closely with a Eurofiber IT employee to make sure the solution was solving all necessary requirements. Finally, in phase three, CLEVR handed over the reins to Eurofiber’s IT department.

CLEVR also took on a quality assurance role to make sure implementation was successful in the face of frequently changing requirements.



Customers and partners can order a network connection through the portal and instantly update their clients with important service information such as order status and service availability. Further, more than 20,000 postcode checks have been performed automatically, without input from sales support. As a result, the pressure on Eurofiber’s sales support team has decreased, helping to cut costs and increase/maintain margins.



“The flexibility of Mendix application development technology allowed us to evolve our project requirements throughout the development process. As we created our system, we realised the ease and feasibility of additional tasks that we could implement simultaneously”

Egon Kösters, IT services manager, Eurofiber


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