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eXp Realty is a rapidly growing real-estate brokerage based in the United States that operates entirely on a virtual business model. Describing itself as the only agent-owned, cloud-based realtor, it has no retail office, with brokers — all of them shareholders — instead logging on remotely from home offices or on the road. It has proved hugely successful, increasing transactions by almost 500 per cent in the past three years to complete more in 2021 than any other US residential brokerage, according to the Mega 1000 real-estate rankings. It also has the largest agent count in the country, with more than 71,000.

With such expansion, eXp Realty urgently needed to accommodate and streamline its swelling virtual back office. The company was tracking realtor records, pay plans, broker reviews, transaction documents and the onboarding of agents using multiple off-the-shelf applications running on legacy systems. Interaction between these applications was poor and they could not be centrally managed. Adapting and maintaining them was time-consuming and costly.

As a result, a task such as onboarding a new agent was laborious and frustrating, requiring staff to access multiple databases. There was no consistent process for evaluating and approving brokers — a crucial aspect of a flourishing brokerage. eXp Realty looked for a solution that could take its virtual operations to the next level and turned to CLEVR.



CLEVR drew on its expertise in no-code and low-code solutions, and, in collaboration with the software company Aelion, built a single integrated application to accommodate eXp Realty's growing needs in just two months.



With one single platform, all of eXp Realty's processes are now unified and centrally managed. And, just as importantly, all of its data is secured in one single repository. Now, its virtual real-estate agents can truly collaborate in the cloud, with ease and efficiency.



“CLEVR understood exactly what we needed and worked fast to build us a flexible and future-proof platform that has streamlined our operations and given us a solid foundation for the next phase of growth” 


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