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Mourik is a Dutch construction company whose expertise includes infrastructure, industrial and utility construction, industrial services, catalyst handling, environmental technology, and project development.

The family company employs around 2,000 people around the world with offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Venezuela, and the US. This global reach created challenges for Mourik in relation to its enterprise resource planning system (ERP) because it wasn’t flexible enough to enable the firm to automate the process from work planning to time registration. This meant construction site workers had to fill in a timesheet, which was then passed from the foreman to the administration team, and then on to the accountant, before being entered into the ERP system ready for checking and payment.

The complicated system meant the whole process was slow, there was greater scope for errors, checking the hours was almost impossible, and there was a disconnect with the planning process. Mourik wanted to automate the entire system and create a secure web and app-based time registration process as part of a flexible layer to its existing ERP system.



Mourik had mapped out key requirements in advance, around security, integration flexibility and future collaboration, which helped CLEVR quickly design a new desktop and mobile application – the Mura app - allowing production staff and foremen to digitally track and approve their hours.

Thanks to a link with the ERP system, employees also have direct access to planning information so they can keep up to date with any project changes and amend their timesheets accordingly. And CLEVR’s no-code and low-code approach allowed Mourik to develop a system that does not require it to set up its own software development department, and in which some updates can be carried out internally.

Working alongside Mourik’s IT team, CLEVR helped develop the app before testing directly with the teams that will be using it.



Within just four months, the Mura app was successfully launched and has successfully automated and improved time registration as well as offering more insight into and control of project costs. Paper job sheets and manual actions are now a thing of the past, and the results of the digital transformation project were above expectations.

The margin of error in the number of registrations has fallen to 5-10 per cent and Mourik is now saving around 68 hours a week across all departments and employees, which works out as around €80,000 annually. And as well as the financial benefits, the end users are delighted as they were involved in the entire development process from design to testing – and have become the system’s greatest ambassadors.

As next steps, Mourik is working on a significant transformation project that will see the entire infrastructure being outsourced, as it works to understand what the Internet of Things and robotisation could mean for its future. Whatever the upshot, it is certain that CLEVR and its expertise will not be far away.



“I am thrilled with the result. This project in collaboration with CLEVR is a flywheel for more development. We want to automate more and more processes and to do that, you need a platform that translates from IT to the business and vice versa. CLEVR helps us secure the necessary knowledge within our own organisation and inspires us with the platform’s possibilities”

Jaap van der Welle, corporate IT manager, Mourik


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