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Odda Technology


Odda Technology, a global turnkey supplier of high accuracy industry metal products, and Digitread - one of the world’s rising stars in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system integration (recently acquired by CLEVR) – partnered up to establish an industry standard where manufacturers use 3D models as a production basis.



With basis in its long industrial history and competence, Odda Technology initiated a project to digitize the process from design to production start-up for products with low production volume. ‘Innovation Norway’ - a state-owned company stimulating entrepreneurship in Norway – supports the project, co-players are large engineering companies that design equipment and components for the oil and gas industry.

An Interview with Ingvald Torblå, CEO of Odda Technology.


Ingvald Torblå, CEO at Odda Technology, explains, “Low-cost countries usually beat us on hourly rates for personnel“, says Torblå. “That is an important reason why the Norwegian industry is not a big player in the series production field. However, where we do lead the way in producing parts and components in smaller series where very high demands are placed on quality, accuracy, and precision. Our production of coupling parts for the subsea industry are examples of such products. It also incorporates deliveries to the offshore industry, which have made Norway a world leader in underwater technology“.


Odda Technology produces numerous products of roughly the same type, but unlike regular series production, each product is uniquely tailored to suit a specific facility on the seabed. Thus, this production is often referred to as one-piece flow or continuous flow. Each product must be designed, calculated, described, and documented in meticulous detail before it can be produced at Odda Technology. The new project aims to streamline this process directly from the customer’s drawing board to commencement of production.

The current methodologies are highly labor-intensive and require a lot of knowledge and expertise. While pivotal for this industry, this knowledge and expertise need to further development to ensure it contributes to efficiency improvements to a greater extent than it does today. “This project will allow us to analyze what is needed for customers to deliver fully digital packages that we can import so that our setup procedure is fully automated. Then we can truly talk about developing a new standard for the digital exchange of component information, from design to finished parts,“ says Ingvald Torblå.


Large, future-oriented engineering companies that design equipment and components for the oil and gas industry saw the value of this project and requested to be involved. Digitread – now CLEVR – is helping to complete this digital transformation project by offering technology solutions and highly specialized consulting services.

“The project has the potential to give the industrial systems industry a real competitive edge. Norway is already a world leader in the development and production of advanced industrial parts. The next big step in the industrial systems industry is the digitization of this type of process. The purpose is to help our industry work smarter and more efficiently to stay ahead when it comes to competence, expertise and to keep the wheels of the workshop industry in Norway turning. The project will also bring synergies in other industries and is also considered to have global scalability,“ Torblå adds.



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