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Udea is the definitive Dutch wholesaler of organic foods,
natural personal care products and sustainable non-food items.
The company is also the franchiser for the Marqt and Ekoplaza
chains of organic supermarkets. 




Udea wants to set the standards in the organic world, demonstrating leadership through its choices. Not just in the short term and focused on quick results, but from a sustainable vision. Alongside showing leadership, Udea is focusing on redesigning its IT landscape. As part of this strategy, Udea began working with CLEVR to develop its pricing tool. 

"Working at Udea lets you feel that you are making the world a little bit better every day."


Udea’s ambition is to be the chain leader in the organic products world. One of its aspirations is to connect the grower to the consumer. The core Udea value, transparency, is vitally important within chain management, to ensure that growers are paid a fair price. One example of such chain management is the conditions that Udea sets out for its growers. They engage in dialogue with the suppliers to see what price they can agree on, to establish a consumer price on that basis. “Determining that price is exactly where we can draw on assistance from CLEVR’s pricing tool,” says Carel van Rijsewijk, Udea Program Manager.


“Right now we’re redesigning our IT landscape to implement the best possible pricing strategy,” Carel explains. “We want to be as scalable and flexible as possible. That means we’ll be working with an ERP system with just the basics, surrounded by a large and flexible layer of different applications, including price management. That choice ensures that we’re always flexible and that we can adjust our IT landscape when and where needed.”

Carel continues: “We’ve opted to embrace Gartner’s ‘Pace Layered Application Strategy’ as the foundation for our IT landscape design. In it we want to use Mendix as a low-code platform in the ‘systems of differentiation’ layer. The applications developed on Mendix are floating at a tactical level, where we’re considering a two-year minimum deployment. Of course with scope for interim improvement.”



Udea case

“It’s important to choose a direction. If you don’t know where you want to go that’s exactly where every step will lead you. Gartner has helped us to choose a direction, which has become Mendix.”

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Carel van Rijsewijk
Udea Program Manager

Udea handles more than 13,000 active items, and some 5,500 price changes each year. A sales price has to be calculated for each and every one of these items. This is done by retrieving data from the PIM and ERP system, which is then passed on to the pricing tool. As Emelie van Wanrooij, Business IT Process Specialist at Udea explains: “PIM and ERP pass on purchase prices and article master data to the pricing tool, and the pricing tool calculates the correct sales price from this information. In doing so the pricing tool takes Udea’s various clients, B2B and consumers into account. Different sales prices apply for B2B than for our consumers.”

“We had the pricing tool developed because the ERP doesn’t have the right functionalities to let us build up the right price,” Carel continues. “It doesn’t meet our requirements and wishes, such as price differentiation. So here we fall back on the Gartner model: the ERP is the system of records for us, and we don’t want to tinker with it. It’s precisely that flexible shell around the ERP that we want to work with, and we do it with the Mendix platform.”


Data communication is one of the most important aspects of the pricing tool. It is fed by open systems, which are linked to the tool to make the information supply as complete as possible for any given price. Exchanging this data occurs in real-time, so that prices are always absolutely up-to-date.


“At Udea we were already using CLEVR’s Promotion Manager application, and we were very satisfied with it,” notes Carel. “We also like working with the Mendix platform because it’s so flexible, and all this made it easy to decide to work with CLEVR.”

CLEVR perceived there was a market demand for the pricing tool, developed in tandem with Udea. That company’s wishes and needs provided an insight into just what was needed in a pricing tool, which has several standard features required for compiling a price. It also allows plenty of scope for developing custom-made features.



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