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Volkerwessels Telecom

Volkerwessels Telecom


VolkerWessels Telecom (VWT) is a leading provider of resilient telecommunications networks. It also maintains telecoms infrastructure and sells material for the construction of networks to affiliated subcontractors online. It hired CLEVR to help develop a more efficient and flexible internet purchasing and sales portal to improve its customer service and bring down prices for subcontractors.

VWT didn’t want a new sales portal: it wanted a more efficient one that would work with its existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and automate existing manual processes. It also wanted to ensure that the portal met the evolving needs of its business IT department and that it would be delivered fast. CLEVR’s Mendix platform expertise, along with its experience and knowledge of the telecoms industry, made it the perfect partner. Cultural fit was also important.



CLEVR liaised with VWT’s business IT department to gain a full picture of what it needed from the upgraded portal. This included the ability to deal with large volumes of orders and complex processes, as well as connectivity to the existing ERP.

When it came to development and implementation, CLEVR used Agile processes and carried out multiple iterations with full VWT buy-in at every stage to ensure that the new portal was delivered as quickly as possible and to the agreed solution.



The upgraded portal is a huge success. The project was completed fast, delivering all target improvements including the all-important streamlined sales ordering process for VWT’s purchasing department. Today, VWT’s subcontractors benefit from an improved user experience across the portal thanks to the automation of tasks that were previously manual, improving efficiency and reducing the margin for error. The portal is flexible and agile, allowing VWT scope for further development and innovation.



“CLEVR delivered a flexible and agile internet portal that has streamlined our purchasing and sales processes and is flexible enough to allow us to innovate and develop the portal further according to our needs”

Willem de Vriend, IT architect, VWT


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