To create an easily accessible online platform that brings tenants, property managers, and maintenance companies together in one place to make arranging and managing housing maintenance more efficient. The idea to use smart technology to find the right technician for each maintenance job came from a desire to improve and simplify the relationship between the tenant, housing corporation and the maintenance companies. Ziezodan also wanted to incorporate scheduling repair work once a fault had been notified in a way that suits all parties including the tenant, whose needs have historically often been overlooked, as well as reducing operational costs and improving customer experience.



All too often there has been a mismatch between the supply of and demand for maintenance workers. Challenges around arranging access at suitable times has only compounded the problem. Ziezodan was created with the help of low-code and no-code specialist consultancy CLEVR to address both needs.

It uses Mendix low-code technology along with Ortec’s scheduling algorithm to plan work while a database stores details relevant to the project, such as the skills needed, what the problem appears to be and an optimised route for the technician. Meanwhile, CLEVR’s Insight module is used for data visualisation, smart business intelligence and data science apps.



The innovative Ziezodan platform is helping everyone involved in property maintenance. The tenant gets more choice over when any work will be done. The housing corporation finds contractors with the right skills and available time. The contractors find out about possible work, what skills are needed and where the job is. Furthermore, the platform gives an up-to-date view of any job including outstanding work, final reports and KPIs. This is particularly useful at predicting how similar jobs may pan out and the resources that might be needed.



“The added value of CLEVR is that they know how to design and shape a process like this”

Michiel Pot, managing director, Ziezodan

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