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Zurich Insurance Company was founded in Switzerland in 1872 and has grown to become a global corporation active in more than 170 countries, with around 55,000 employees.

It is a company focused on customer-centricity, simplification and innovation, and it looks for partners and solutions that can help it to realise these three strategic goals.

When Zurich started developing its Terrorism Data Capture (TDC) application, it did not have enough internal knowledge to use the Application Test Suite (ATS) that is integrated within the low-code development platform Mendix. It needed to learn how to make greater use of the ATS to perform automatic testing and accelerate the release of its apps – including its TDC app.



CLEVR, a specialist in low-code and no-code solutions, ensured Zurich could optimise its use of Mendix. The Mendix ATS has since enabled the Zurich development team to do what it does best: fix things. The team has been able to replace the legacy system and build the TDC app, which helps gives customers protection against loss incurred by acts of terrorism.

Automating the manual underwriting process to calculate premiums and capture customer data has led to significant time savings, improved data integrity and also enhanced the user experience for Zurich’s underwriters. The team considers this to be its greatest value.

Information is now managed centrally, accurate reports are generated, processes can easily be modified and there is no need for workarounds. Days’ worth of time is saved, allowing underwriters to focus on their expertise in generating business.

The development time for the TDC app was just three months.



The process was such a success that there are regrets the company did not start using the Mendix ATS much earlier. From the moment the company began using the test suite, it was able to perform a regression test with each application deployment. This was truly liberating for its development team, relieving it of enormous pressure as well as the labour-intensive manual test processes that it otherwise would have relied on.

The team can now implement changes in the application with complete confidence. The moment the app is released to users, they can rest assured that it has already been tested extensively with the ATS.

The Mendix ATS has also saved the team countless hours, while boosting its self-confidence and benefitting the business as a whole. The company was so impressed that it has now integrated the use of ATS into its application governance process. Once the automatic execution of regression tests has taken place, and following approval, applications are deployed into production.

With regard to the TDC app alone, Zurich has benefitted from operational efficiency savings of £280,000 a year thanks to integration and process improvements.



When I look back, I think we should have used the Mendix Application Test Suite (ATS) much earlier... It was truly liberating for our development team, a burden fell from our shoulders”

Barrington Clarke, DevOps lead, Zurich Insurance Company


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