At CLEVR, we have a melting pot of people, cultures, nationalities, experience, knowledge and ideas, and that is what makes our possibilities endless. We are in this journey together, and we believe that together we can truly make an impact. We are constantly Imagineering new ideas. Join us and help us turn them into  reality.

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Our team is made up of Smart, Savvy and Social Imagineers spread across our offices in The Netherlands, Germany, Norway and the UK. We are passionate individuals, working together to make our company and solutions more Sustainable. Do you want to be part of our team and help us make an impact? Take a look at our job openings below and let's meet so you can show us what you got!

There are a few simple yet significant factors that determine how holistic your experience will be working in any company. A scale-up such as CLEVR comes the closest to providing you this experience. Why? Because I feel that at CLEVR, you can truly make an impact.
Tanja van der Krabben, Head of Talent Acquisition

Why choose CLEVR

We know that our work is never done, so we are always looking for passionate individuals like us who want to join our mission and have fun while at it. Here are a few reasons why we think you should join us.

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We are the perfect combination of Imagineers: dreamers and do'ers, ready to turn ideas into reality and conquer the world.

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We have strong strategic partnerships with Mendix and Siemens, counting with 150+ certified Mendix consultants and PLM engineers. With our expertise, industry-leading products, tooling, services, training and support, we give it all to exceed expectations.

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If there is one thing that people love at CLEVR, that is their sense of Freedom, being stimulated to think, being open-minded and always coming up with ideas on what we can do to improve a little or a lot every day for CLEVR and its customers.

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Our core values

CLEVR's core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of our actions; they serve as our cultural cornerstones.


We believe in the pursuit of expertise, of not settling for just any answer, but for keeping going until we have the right answer. That’s smart to us - not simply plug and play, but understanding unique problems and finding the right answers.


Savvy is the unique mix of expertise and experience that creates something with an edge at CLEVR. We love to get in the trenches with our customers, and working on the edge together means solving new problems and tackling unfamiliar situations, for that you need both expertise and experience. That’s savvy for us, knowing the right thing to do, and then doing the thing right.


At CLEVR we look after each other, we listen to each other, we collaborate to unlock growth for our customers  -  yes  -  but also for each other. We know that to go far we have to go together, and that spirit of togetherness is what makes us strong and unique, something we will never lose.


For us sustainability is about our planet, yes, and we’re committed to leaving the world better off than we found it, but more than that it’s also about building sustainable relationships with each other and our customers, and it’s about a sustainable business model that works for the long term. That’s sustainability for us, not just one thing, but the interlocking relationships between everything we do and ensuring they’re all designed for the long term.

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What does it mean to be an Imagineer? At CLEVR, we believe that everyone is unique, that is why we celebrate, welcome and embrace each Imagineer's uniqueness. Everyone has a story to tell. And we are more than happy to share their stories with you.

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Level-up your career. Join CLEVR and let us help you fulfill your career goals.

Because we are scaling up and quickly growing, your chances to grow within the company are there for the taking. We love when our Imagineers thrive, so much so that we even have time designated for learning and developing your skills. The possibilities at CLEVR are endless, and as long as you join and stay with us, we will support you whichever way you want to go. Ready to take the next step?

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