Development Suite
Developer Suite

Developer Suite

Reduce time-to-market and deliver an excellent end-user experience on all your Mendix apps. Empower your developers to build high-quality Mendix applications with confidence.

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Build high-quality Mendix apps with confidence

Translate all DevSecOps elements to the Mendix platform, such as CI/CD, code review, performance, and security with our powerful SaaS solution. Apply industry best practices and intelligent automation in building effective and scalable apps. Reduce your time-to-market, mitigate risks, elevate your reputation and diminish application lifecycle costs, all the while delivering excellent end-user experience on your Mendix apps.

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Automate code review

Automate code review

Automate code reviews for your low-code app with an intuitive tool. We know how tough it is to use plugins and tools that simply won’t work. The Application Code Review (ACR) integrates seamlessly with Mendix team Server, your account, and projects, thereby allowing a wealth of features such as sending push notifications straight into Sprintr.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Real-time analytics
  • Custom reporting
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Measure performance

Measure performance

Detect and diagnose errors in your code faster with Application Performance Diagnostics (APD), a cloud-based service designed specifically for Mendix. Scrutinise all activities in your applications, including underlying functions and user behavior to weed out performance issues at the end of each development cycle.

  • Qualitative
  • Precise
  • Predictive
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Skyline rotterdam
We became a client of the first hour using the CLEVR Developer Suite. I am so incredibly satisfied with this piece of software that I would wish any organisation to start using this software. It's just that good and a complete package. This should have been in the Mendix platform a long time ago, especially when you have big Mendix applications.
Richard Edens
Mendix and Operational Manager at CED
Test your apps

Test your apps 

Automate large chunks of testing processes from within the Mendix platform. Application Test Suite (ATS) performs a multitude of tests with a single click and without having to leave the environment - from regression testing, to user acceptance testing, new functionality testing, data or value testing, and availability testing.

  • Schedule tests
  • Record & playback
  • Data-driven 
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