Transform Your Hydrogen Operations

Stay competitive in the green energy revolution by adopting advanced digital solutions. Modernize processes, optimize production, and lead in sustainable energy with scalable digital transformation.

Revolutionizing Hydrogen Production: 
Are You Prepared for the Digital Era?

As the hydrogen industry evolves, producers face pressure to scale operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure sustainability. Embracing digital transformation is no longer optional but essential. Companies must leverage advanced technologies to stay ahead of the curve and address the following critical challenges:

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Nel Hydrogen Transforms Operations with CLEVR

"I think we build tomorrow together in different ways. We try to build the future by providing equipment to produce green hydrogen to enable the green transition, and CLEVR with the information technology will help us do that efficiently."

Torsten Mann
Products and Engineering Director, Nel Hydrogen

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Digital Transformation Process in Hydrogen Industry

Green hydrogen and digital transformation are essential for a sustainable future, addressing climate change and other global crises. Collaboration across sectors will maximize their potential to reduce costs, boost efficiency, and enhance safety.

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Faster Design Cycle

Design and Prototyping

Experience shorter product design cycles with an advanced CAD system that supports virtual prototyping in both 2D and 3D environments tailored for hydrogen technology. This system integrates key processes such as robotics, 3D printing, and quality inspection operations. The NX integrated design and manufacturing capabilities provide a robust platform for efficient hydrogen product development.

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Faster Time to Market

Engineering and Data Management

Teamcenter streamlines the process from design to field testing in the hydrogen sector, enhancing collaboration, improving product quality, and speeding up time-to-market. Coordinating engineering efforts with other departments and leveraging technologies like digital twins and simulation can significantly reduce product development errors.

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Domain Experts

Collaboration and Workflows

Empower your teams with PLM to make informed decisions and ensure seamless data flow across the hydrogen industry. Features include a business process modeler, change management tools, and an interactive dashboard designed to fuel innovation and boost organizational efficiency to deploy green hydrogen.

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Optimized Production

Benefit from real-time monitoring of hydrogen production on both the shop floor and top floor, automated quality checks, and seamless ERP/MES integration. Optimize operations with Opcenter’s analytics and reporting tools, ensuring regulatory compliance and sustainability in green hydrogen manufacturing.

Extending PLM Capabilities with Low-Code Technology

In the hydrogen sector, digital transformation is crucial for enhancing efficiency, agility, and innovation.

Low-code platforms play a strategic role in this transformation by enabling manufacturers to rapidly develop and deploy applications tailored to their unique processes and requirements.

These platforms facilitate the integration of IoT devices, automation of workflows, and real-time data analytics, driving smarter decision-making and operational improvements

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Empowering Hydrogen Manufacturers with Business Consultancy and MOM

Explore Success Stories and Insights for Effective Manufacturing Optimization in the Hydrogen Industry

"Productivity has increased dramatically since we moved production to the Heroya Facility, scaling it up by 10x and achieving a capacity of 500 MW. We transitioned from completely manual processes to a fully automated production line, marking a world first."

Torsten Mann
Products and Engineering Director, Nel Hydrogen


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