Mansystems launches the Smart Digital Factory during Mendix World 2019

Mansystems launches the Smart Digital Factory during Mendix World 2019

5 March 2019, last update 17 April 2020 3 min read

With a new strategy for the low-code development platform, Mansystems have constructed a faster digitalization process for low-code applications.

Mansystems – the largest Expert Partner for implementation, training, and support for Mendix – will launch the SMART Digital Factory for organizations during Mendix World 2019 in Rotterdam.

With the Mansystems SMART Digital Factory, organizations can now gain value from their digitization process even faster. The Digital Factory cuts down the amount of time it takes to launch applications into the market while helping organizations determine, implement, and secure their optimal low-code strategy. With this advancement, the promise of value for organizations that develop applications through low-code is better than ever before.

Over the past year, Mansystems has investigated how companies can better excel in creating business value faster and more efficiently through building applications with Mendix.

“When we look at the goals and aspirations of our customers, we see a number of contradictions. To stay ahead of the competition, companies choose the development speed of the Mendix platform”, says Arnold Zwart, CEO of Mansystems. “However, as more companies are starting to use Mendix strategically, there are more factors to consider. With the number of releases increasing, applications are becoming more complex while organizations set higher demands on quality, control, and security. In addition, the assurance of knowledge about low-code in the organization is becoming an increasingly important factor in order to accelerate the development of applications.”

As a result, there is a risk that organizations will once again become bogged down in a traditional IT approach with continuous testing, monitoring, and setting up security processes, thereby putting the competitive advantage and the speed of work under pressure. With the introduction of SMART Digital Factory, Mansystems is solving these issues.


The SMART Digital Factory consists of a number of components; it describes the digital execution process, necessities for business & IT alignment, successful courses of action, necessary automation and tools, and correct training methods. All components are specifically created for the Mendix platform, ensuring the robustness of the IT process while maintaining the speed of low-code development.

At organizations that start their own Mendix Competence Center, Mansystems will also introduce the SMART Digital Factory. This encourages more knowledge and expertise to be created within the company, guaranteeing the continued development of their digital execution.

Proven success

Mansystems has developed the SMART Digital Factory in collaboration with various customers such as Louwman, Achmea, and Cargolux, where components of the SMART Digital Factory have already been successfully implemented. A large number of customers are already using the training and tools that support Mendix developers in their innovation.

Wouter van Dee, Solutions Manager, directly states the benefits of this latest upgrade: “The advantage of traditional IT processes is the assurance of quality- but it doesn’t guarantee rapid development. The speed of development is often the deciding factor for companies that opt ​​for low-code. The SMART Digital Factory from Mansystems optimizes the speed of development in low-code while guaranteeing quality.”

CEO, Zwart, also addressed how the Enterprise market is increasingly utilizing the Mendix development platform and the influence of that on Mansystem’s approach: “Mansystems is convinced that the total solution SMART Digital Factory is a crucial factor in achieving the business objectives in relation to delivering successful applications.”

In the coming weeks, Mansystems will announce more information about the total solution SMART Digital Factory.

About Mansystems

With over 25 years of experience developing business applications, Mansystems strives to offer customers a complete package of services with the guarantee of innovative and high-quality solutions. This is possible through customer access to the best consultation, implementation, and support- along with the right training and tools. With information on best practices of low-code development platform Mendix, market knowledge, solutions, and opportunities, Mansystems generates the most business value for organizations. The Mansystems Mendix Academy offers training and intensive boot camps for everyone who wants to become proficient in application development. Mansystems currently has over 120 employees with offices in the Netherlands and Germany.

About Mendix

Worldwide, over 4,000 companies use Mendix for the development of applications- making it the world leader in low-code application development. The originally Dutch company was created in 2005 from the need to improve the implementation of software projects. Since 2012, the head office of Mendix has been relocated to the United States and in 2018 Mendix was taken over by Siemens. The advantage of Mendix as a development platform lies in its ability to provides companies with the advantage of developing apps, on average, six times faster with 70 percent fewer resources. With the deployment of Mendix as a development platform, business and IT can communicate better with each other when creating applications.


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Mansystems As a Mendix Expert Partner, Mansystems supports and consults companies that strive to create applications using the low-code platform: Mendix. Mansystems is a Mendix Certified Support Partner, meaning users and developers can expect top tier support. The Mansystems systems academy conducts training, workshops and bootcamps to companies that aim to develop applications independently

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